Direction for Today

So I have a concept of what I’d like to do with my pages. A very wise and wonderful healer, told me once “Be your own company”. At first I didn’t get it, why in the name of god would I want my own company? Sounds like a lot of headaches so me. Then one day it hit me, always do my work as if it was my company, in other words do it for me, regardless of what I felt about what may be going on around me, or who is doing what at work or what am I not doing enough of in order to get “somewhere”.

My thought is this, what if I do run my life like a company? What departments would I want to have in order to run it?

  • Accounting
  • Creative
  • Technical
  • Spiritual
  • Maintenance
  • Sales
  • Training

Think that would be a good start. I have so many interests, sometimes difficult to focus on just one thing. So who says I should?

Scripps Pier in La Jolla CA

All there is, is atoms and space, everything else is illusion. – Melissa Eteridge