Welcome to my Blog, Eveoak. My journey to here writing a blog has been an interesting one to say the least.  First a bit about myself.

I’m a wife to a great and wonderful husband, have a son who is living the dream in Vail Co. I’m an artist, photographer, yoga student, web designer wanna be, and currently in search of a job.

It began about four months ago when I was terminated from my job as a “Director of IT/Web Administrator”. Impressive title right? I thought so too, however it’s done little to help me into that next job! I was there for 14 years, began as a Web Designer and ended up doing IT work as well, mostly desktop support. Eventually the company decided to outsource my tasks one by one, hoping that I would quit, well I’m a tenacious woman and hung in until it was unbearable to work there any longer. Now I’m out in the world trying to find a new direction.

I have been exploring the things that I like to do, web design, photography, jewelry design, yoga, and hiking. Also taking some time to sharpen my IT and HTML skills so that I may one day find a new job. The job market has changed greatly and it is a bit daunting now to get in front of someone in my field(s), though perseverance and a positive outlook, I know that with time I’ll find the right thing for me.

So in my blog you will find me talking about a number of things, some random, some funny and some inspirational. I welcome you to comment on my blog and let’s just see where we go.




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