What is so hard sometimes getting motivated? I almost waved off walking this morning. Why? I truly enjoy it when I’m out there, I see wonderful things, smell the earth and see the sky. I think that I have a preconceived notion that I need to spend every moment looking for a job, that I’m slacking off by going for a hike or walking on the beach. After I’m done I find that I am energized and my hopes are high. So tomorrow I’ll remember just how wonderful it was and saddle up and get out there!

Early morning walk in the grasslands.

Early morning walk in the grasslands.


Direction for Today

So I have a concept of what I’d like to do with my pages. A very wise and wonderful healer, told me once “Be your own company”. At first I didn’t get it, why in the name of god would I want my own company? Sounds like a lot of headaches so me. Then one day it hit me, always do my work as if it was my company, in other words do it for me, regardless of what I felt about what may be going on around me, or who is doing what at work or what am I not doing enough of in order to get “somewhere”.

My thought is this, what if I do run my life like a company? What departments would I want to have in order to run it?

  • Accounting
  • Creative
  • Technical
  • Spiritual
  • Maintenance
  • Sales
  • Training

Think that would be a good start. I have so many interests, sometimes difficult to focus on just one thing. So who says I should?

Scripps Pier in La Jolla CA

All there is, is atoms and space, everything else is illusion. – Melissa Eteridge

My Blog

This is where I should tell you a bit about me. I’m currently looking for work and exploring all things WordPress. I have noticed that there are a ton of jobs that require skills that I don’t seem to have, guess that is what happens when you are in a job for fourteen years! Yikes…
So what I am looking to do is use this site to express all my interests and log my journey to finding my dream job(s). I may be looking at several jobs as I have split interests and strengths. Follow along with me if you like, would be great to connect with other crazy, technical, artistic people with similar interests!